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February 9, 2016
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October 17, 2016

Suraj Chaithram


– Arthritis

Good Morning,

I attended a session last week on the 21st and was completely taken back by the almost immediate relief that I obtained from the treatment, I found the moving of the bone on my neck interesting as I felt a rush of pressure being released from my head down my spine after it was moved, I must admit thought it felt as if you were suffocating me.

I also found that I was sitting much taller and easier as I had to re-adjust my mirrors in the car when I got in after Dr Powell worked on me.

Its a pity that I stay in Pretoria as I would definitely attend further sessions.

Please could you send me any information on Psoratic Arthritis as I have now reached my wits end with my hands and knees and the one form of relief I got is based in Durban. I am extremely tired of the medication and the side effects being experienced.

Thanks to Dr Powell and you, in giving me some sign of hope that I can live through this condition which is causing havoc on my 29yr body.

Kind Regards

Suraj Chaithram

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