How Long Does It Take? How Much Does It Cost?

Chiropractic! What’s That?
January 27, 2016
Arthritis, bursitis neck and arm pain:
Arthritis, Bursitis Neck and Arm Pain
February 6, 2016

How Long Does It Take? How Much Does It Cost?

Most patients notice a significant change for the better at their first visit. Some take longer. In any event, this is the right road albeit not necessarily a short cut.

There are essentially two answers to the first question; how long it takes to start seeing some positive change and how long it takes to optimise and maximise health. The second option is for those who appreciate that if enough time and effort is put into this exercise, one can attain a level of wellness few would imagine possible. Chiropractic is not limited to sore back/stiff neck treatment; it is much more, which is why it is so vehemently attacked by the competition.

In either instance, it is necessary to create a ‘momentum’ like getting a boat onto the plane. We need an initial period of fairly intensive adjusting, as depicted in red on one of the charts in the clinic and on the website. It is not possible to correct spinal misalignments as one would panel beat a piece of metal. The body has an Innate Intelligence which only permits one series of adjustments in a two hour period. This effort cannot be rushed.

The upper spine and lower spine function synchronously, which is why it is necessary to work on the spine in its entirety and why I take a full spine x-ray. This exercise is a process of persuasion. The best option is to have what we call ‘doubles’ which are two adjustments a day until some degree of stability is established. I have found that four to six doubles is usually enough to ‘get out of the hole’ so to say. Then there is a period of adjustments at greater intervals. After this there are two options; maintain what has been corrected with one or two adjustments a month or just come when you feel you need to.

It is interesting to note that when the body is injured, the Innate Intelligence uses what is called the ‘splinting’ reflex to immobilize the damaged area. The body actually creates a muscle memory around the injury. This is fine in the short term but left unadjusted, in the chiropractic sense, this is how a scoliosis can develop and quality of life lost. A recently whiplashed neck needs urgent chiropractic care before the lordosis (normal convex to the anterior curve) which is lost as a result of the cervical acceleration/deceleration trauma, becomes a more permanent disability. Those with this problem will have found that their quality of life has changed dramatically for the worse. (Kindly refer to our advert.)

What is required is that In order for me to make structural changes to the spine, I have to persuade the Innate (Doctor within) to let go of the splinting. I have to get the body to forget the old muscle memory and start remembering the new one; the one around the more correct position. In this regard please read the material regarding the use of the stabilizer beds and their value in helping to either prepare you for an adjustment or to compliment same.The process of restoring health and function requires persistent and accurate adjusting. As I said, four to six doubles is a good place to start but in the final analysis, life style has much to do with how long you will take to heal yourself.

It must be remembered that by removing interference from the master control system, in addition to dealing with your reason for consulting me, your quality of life will improve generally. Patients who are overweight remark that they have started losing weight, that they are sleeping better, no longer snore or their bowel function has improved. In a nutshell, I fix the doctor within and the doctor fixes you. How much you get out of this experience depends on how much you put into it. In terms of cost it is best to take advantage of one of our packages if you are a cash patient. Here for example you can buy ten adjustments up front at a reduced fee.What I suggest is one package of five doubles followed by another package of ten singles which facilitates the phase out to a maintenance level of one or two adjustments per month. The maintenance interval is stress related and will vary accordingly. We are contracted into most medical aids. In this regard, the onus is on the patient to ensure that sufficient funds exist and that their medical aid does in fact cover chiropractic.

By watching our DVD, much insight can be gained regarding the true value of my work in terms of the restoration of both physical and mental health. Who would believe that Bi-polar syndrome and ADHD would respond to careful and accurate adjusting of the spine? Not to mention anger management. Most will agree that stress is a killer and yet few understand how it happens. All forms of stress, whether mechanical, chemical, emotional or thermal contribute to the formation of what is called vertebral subluxation (a vertebra which is less than aligned). The subluxation has been called the ‘silent killer’ by many in the field of chiropractic because it can exist and interfere with, for example, heart and lung function without necessarily producing any neck or back pain. The vertebral subluxation is in fact the ultimate stress because it is a stress to which the body cannot adapt. The only way to get rid of the V/S is by means of the chiropractic adjustment. There is no other way. I believe that by maintaining a reasonable level of spinal hygiene, one can substantially reduce the risk of a heart attack.

Not many people know that their day to day and minute by minute bodily functions are controlled automatically by nerves from the spine. Disturbance in the structure of the spinal column results in nerve interference which we interpret as pain sickness and dis-ease. In simple terms, loss of structure especially in the neck, (Loss of the cervical lordosis) results in loss of health. There is a perfect shape for the spine and if yours does not conform to it, you will never be able to enjoy optimal health. Hence it is my objective to get your spine as close to that perfect shape as possible.

What I am dealing with is a lifetime of neglect in terms of protecting health through protecting the spine. It is not the patient’s fault that they were lied to by the enemies of true health and told that the only way to have health was to buy it over the counter and to keep away from the chiropractor.

In closing, I will say that we are only as viable as our weakest organ. Whether we die of heart failure or kidney failure we are just as dead. Why not keep the whole body functioning at optimum with regular chiropractic care? Chiropractic gets to the cause of health problems not only the symptom.

In time to come, the world will accept spinal hygiene as they accepted personal and dental hygiene and practice it routinely. Sadly the enemies of true health have done much to discourage the man in the street from seeking the ministrations of the chiropractor in order to protect their own selfish interests. This in spite of the words of Hippocrates:

In case of illness look first to the spine.

Physician heal thyself.CHIROPRACTIC WORKS!

Dr. Roger V. Powell DC Palmer (USA)

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