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– Helped An Old Man’s Back Pain

Dear Sir

I do not intend to write a long letter and shall be brief and to the point especially because, as a practising Christian and a “born again” one for that matter, I do not have to praise you. However I do have to very sincerely acknowledge God’s wonders and the miraculous ways in which he has used you in improving my life and that of my family.

My problem started as far back as 1999.I was still employed as a District Manager by the Department of Education and culture. Every morning I used to walk about eight kilometres before 06h00. At that time I was staying alone in a Department Cottage. My family did not stay with me for the entire period of forty- two years while I was working. Towards the end of 1999 I started feeling a sharp pain in my right leg. The pain seemed to be in the muscle and would come on after I had covered two kilometres. I would have to stop walking for two minutes and would only continue thereafter once the pain had subsided. I noticed that the distance I covered before pain set in was lessening. I resolved that a trip to the GP would be in order. The G.P gave me some gel to rub on, with hope that the pain would go. It never did.

During the year 2000, I consulted various medical doctors and they all could not help me. My condition was worsening at an alarming rate. One G.P referred me to a specialist in Durban with no result. In 2001 this same specialist referred me for a scan. This was the first time I was told there was something wrong with my vertebral column. I was told there were three options. I was to receive some very strong capsules that would ease the pain and eventually make me fit again. If this treatment failed I would have an epidural injection of the spine as this was said to be far more effective compared to the capsules. The third and final alternative for me was surgery. I was told that the latter option would be the best solution, if everything else failed.

From the year 2001 I spent huge sums of money on expensive and useless medications prescribed by various medical doctors, all to no avail. Not once did these doctors address the cause. All they were concerned with was treating the symptom. What was quite amazing to me was that I was instructed to take the tablets when I felt the pain, but the pain was only felt when I was walking. What did that mean? To me it meant carrying with me the tablets and water wherever I went for a walk which to me was a kind of exercise. It was strenuous and did not work even though I took the tablets and capsules.

To me the year 2004 was the best in fact the most promising, though the start was not that good. The wise say the darkest hour is before dawn. In March 2004 I was admitted to a private hospital where I was put on traction for three days. This did not work. The following day a physiotherapist came with his instruments and worked on my back. He promised that he would do wonders, but his magic did not provide even the slightest relief. On the same day I went for a scan. On the third day after the neurosurgeon had studied the scan he called me to his office. He had a blank expression on his face. He told me in no uncertain terms that my condition was the worst. He could not even operate on my spine it was that bad. He said the best I could do was to go home and pray, waiting for my last day. I was devastated, but to rub salt into the open wound, he said I must see him after three weeks. What for I asked myself. This good man had told me he could do nothing to help me but he still wanted to see me again.

The end of April was a turning point; a very humble and polite lady working at one hardware supply stores at Stanger heard my story. She could see that there was something wrong with my back, judging by the manner in which I walked. The lady told me about a chiropractor, a certain doctor Powell at Glenashley and gave me your phone number and physical address. To start with I paid attention to what the lady said, I had suffered enough and spent a lot of money paying for treatment that did not help me. I had to wait for my last day. Then I saw the lady again in May and she asked if I had been to Glenashley to consult the chiropractor. I said no. Then she said some thing that really touched my heart. Are you waiting for an angel to descend from heaven to tell you what to do about your illness? Those times are long gone. As I drove back home I decided to make an appointment. Sir I did not take the whole thing seriously, but I was later brightly impressed with the written material that I read about chiropractic. Your writing makes a lot of sense and helps your patients, especially those prepared to read.

At one stage I visited your office for adjustments four times a week. Then in July it was three times a week. Sir, I am feeling great relief. There is tremendous improvement and the greatest surprise was when I could walk a longer distance and still feel alright. Generally my overall health is improving and even my family is noticing the change. Am I wrong in what I say God is working miracles through you? I know that as a 64 year old man I cannot be as active and fit as a 40 year old, but I am happy and satisfied with the changes I am experiencing in my well being. Hopefully one day I shall be as fit as a fiddle and even take part in the up run matrathon from Durban to Pietermaritzburg. I still have some worrying questions though. Why is it that the G. P never referred me to a chiropractor? Is chiropractic not such an old practice? Why should I hear about chiropractic for the first time towards the sunset of my life?

May the almighty bless you and your family.

Yours very sincerely,

Davis Nyandeni.

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