About Your Spine

No drawing or illustration can adequately represent the astounding complexity of the human nervous system. Nerves go everywhere, even into the most remote and far distant areas and cells of the body... a body so thoroughly saturated with nerves and twigs of nerves that if we could wish away all the body's bones, muscles, and other tissues, we would still have a ghostly form of the body composed only of nerves.

Healthy Nerves Utterly Vital

We humans are almost totally dependant on our nervous systems to tirelessly monitor, integrate, direct, modify, and unify the countless functions of the body's systems, organs, and glands. Even the circulatory and glandular systems, persuasive harmonizers of bodily functions in their own right, depend heavily on instructions from the nervous system. In a word, the nervous system tells the body what to do and when to do it.

Nerves branch out from the spinal cord. Before extending to various parts of the body, the nerves exit between vertebrae which are stacked around the spinal cord to protect it.

Pinched Nerves Disease Conditions

However, if one or more vertebrae are misaligned, the exiting nerve root may be pinched and normal nerve function may be altered. This "pinching effect" may cause pain, discomfort and disease conditions not only in the back , but in bodily parts, organs, or glands served by the affected nerves.

Chiropractic Doctors "Adjust" Vertebrae

Being specialists of the spine and nerves, chiropractic doctors are able to adjust misaligned vertebrae into proper alignment and thus rid the affected nerve of the irritation. Then the nerve can perform properly again and help the body heal its own problems and maintain its own health.

Ruthlessly harsh acute pain is impossible to ignore. Most of us have known that vicious side of pain - pain so intense, reckless, and unyielding it sends us immediately to the dentist or doctor.

Common Chronic Pain

Typically, these pains are the chronic headaches, back pains, arm and shoulder pains, hip and leg pains, neck pain, joint pains, arthritic pains, referred pains and organ-related pains - determined reminders that something may be wrong, but in the victim's view, not yet alarming enough to see the doctor. Eventually, though, the untreated underlying cause almost always worsens, the pain worsens, and the victim can no longer ignore the problem.

How about you?

If you are experiencing chronic pain, why not see what can be done about it today while the treatment may be relatively simple? Why wait for a major storm before fixing the roof? A chiropractic examination will soon tell you whether chiropractic care is indicated. Meeting the problem today may help you avoid much heavier problems later.

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