– Helped Snoring

Thank you for the good night sleep

I used to have severe backaches and used to snore a lot. My husband bought me a top of the range Seally bed that cost R6, 000-00 and a “snore no more “pillow. When I got up in the morning, my back still ached and my husband would be in the spare bedroom. When I asked him why he slept in the other room his reply was “Your snoring kept me awake, the bed vibrated and I could not sleep at all.”

Thanks to you Dr. Powell after a few treatments I sleep well, get up with no aches in my back, sleeping on the same bed using the same pillow. Now my husband keeps checking on me to see if I am alive when I sleep. He says I sleep so silently he thinks I am dead.

Please feel free to show this to your other patients
Shireen Pillay

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