– Helped Infertility Disorder

My name is Rizwana Bassa, a patient of Dr R V Powell. I have a success story to tell, and a reason why no other person should hesitate to see Dr Powell if they suffer from any pain related illness.

I was introduced to Dr Powell after both my parents had been to him for adjustments. They found that their health had improved dramatically after only a few treatments. My mother in particular had benefited because she had been suffering from spine problems for at least the past twelve years. She had been put on traction, gone for physiotherapy, and even opted for surgery, before she was told that if she did, she would have a “fifty – fifty” chance of living. Dr Powell however, put an end to the very painful, stressful life my mother once lead by a few adjustments, and now she is even more energetic than before. Her health has improved and she does not suffer from any back pains or discomfort.

When I saw how Dr. Powell had changed my mother’s life, I too had to have a consultation with him because I also suffered from lower back pains. After x-rays were done by him, conveniently at his practice, he found other problems related to my entire nervous system. I was depressed, had mood swings, lack of confidence and fatigue. He had also found that the vertebrae towards the bottom of my back were moving apart and my hip bones were moving out of position. Before consultations with Dr Powell, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, an infertility disorder making it impossible for me to fall pregnant, and for my hormones to balance.

After continuous adjustments with Dr Powell, I fell pregnant, managed to drop the weight which I found so hard to loose previously. My health was improving mentally, physically and emotionally. Dr Powell brought my smile back again. My hormones had balanced and even the condition of my skin had improved. The dreadful migraine headaches eased as well. I am still amazed at how a CHIROPRACTOR had solved the medical problems which other doctors couldn’t. Unlike most medical practitioners and specialists who have concern for only the patients money, Dr Powell was friendly from the first consultation and each time increased my confidence just by showing he cared for his patients well-being and enthusiastic to help improve his patient’s life with devotion through his job.

Thank you, Dr Powell

With sincere Regards
Rizwana Bassa

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