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Here you will find an amazing series of videos showing the power of chiropractic in our lives. Chiropractor Dr Powell has taken footage of actual consultations with patients so you can see for yourself how chiropractic work is done to treat various ailments and their comments about their treatments.

(The video below is best suited to ADSL connections, if you wish to download the video files to your computer for easier viewing click here.)

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Dr. Powell's Patients

*See these first - Dr. Powell's favourites
Off the MedicationPreviously used excessive amounts of medication to relieve back pains
Fibromyalgia 1Facial pains, neck pains
Fibromyalgia 2Facial pains, neck pains
Fibromyalgia 3Facial pains, neck pains
Fibromyalgia 4Facial pains, neck pains
Fibromyalgia 5Neck in good alignment / Normal cervical lordosis
ShikaNatural Depression cure
*ZeldaChiropractic vs neck surgery. Very good general explanation of chiropractic.
AlexChildren's Health
Janet (1)Meniere's Syndrome
Janet (2)Meniere's Syndrome
RodneyFutility of Traction
Shirena (1)Whiplash/Weight Gain/Endocrine Disorders
Shirena (2)Whiplash/Weight Gain/Endocrine Disorders
Shirena (3)Whiplash/Weight Gain/Endocrine Disorders
Bruce (1)Meniere's Syndrome
Bruce (2)Meniere's Syndrome
Josh (1)Asthma/Baby Adjustment
Josh (2)Asthma/Baby Adjustment
Josh (3)Asthma/Baby Adjustment
Josh (4)Asthma/Baby Adjustment
Josh (5)Asthma/Baby Adjustment
Josh (6)Asthma/Baby Adjustment
Kay (1)Neck & Arm Pain/Migraine
Kay (2)Neck & Arm Pain/Migraine
Sherry (1)Menstrual Cramps/Migraine
Sherry (2)Menstrual Cramps/Migraine
Donnelly FamilyConcentration improvement in Attention Deficit disorder child
GailHope for post operative low back patients
ShaneseMenstrual disorder resolved - felt happier and more alert

Ms Naa Jamah Mensah - Ghana
"Benefits of Chiropractic for Women"
 ·  Naa (1)
 ·  Naa (2)
 ·  Naa (3)
 ·  Naa (4)
 ·  Naa (5)


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