Chiropractic! What’s That?

Chiropractic is an Art, Science and Philosophy which is based on the premise that there is a Universal Intelligence or God and that a part of this wisdom is resident in all living things. Chiropractors refer to this wisdom as ‘innate intelligence’. Chiropractors also believe that the innate intelligence (God Force) communicates with every cell in the body via the nervous system and that Interference with the transmission of normal nerve impulses (via the misaligned vertebra correctly referred to as vertebral subluxation) can and does impact negatively on health both physically and mentally.

The science of Chiropractic is based on the fact that day to day and minute by minute function in the body, is controlled primarily from the spinal cord, not the brain. In time, the world will be made aware of the fact that disturbance in the structure of the 24 segments of the spine creates sickness.

The body is controlled by two systems. These are the nerve system and the endocrine system. The endocrine system is in turn dependent on the nerve system because the supply of raw materials needed to make the various substances needed by the body is controlled by nerves from the spine. Vertebral subluxations can interfere with the supply of raw materials to the pancreas resulting in not enough or too much insulin being produced resulting in Diabetes or hypoglycaemia, or the Thyroid gland making too little thyroxin resulting in obesity, or the ovaries malfunctioning resulting in menstrual problems, skin problems or problems relating to infertility.

Stresses of all kinds contribute to the undoing of the chiropractic adjustment which is why, once the offending areas of the spine have become relatively stable, usually after about ten or fifteen adjustments, once or twice a month should suffice to help maintain a fairly high quality of life. Yes chiropractic offers much more than sore back stiff neck treatment. It offers the patient an opportunity to optimize and maximise their most valued asset; their health. Chiropractic should be seen as another form of hygiene, to be practised routinely.

Everyone wants to look good and feel good. They all want to slow down the inevitable process of biological phasing (aging prematurely.) They all want to be free of pain and enjoy better health and vitality. Well this is what chiropractic has to offer. Why wait until you get sick before seeing a chiropractor? Start today and begin the process of recovering what health/quality of life you have lost and then with routine visits, the frequency of which will be determined to a significant degree by life style, regain and maintain your health. It has to be understood that health comes from within the body, not out of a bottle or a syringe. The best doctor you will ever know is the doctor within. This doctor can heal cuts and convert your breakfast into living tissue, insulin, adrenaline and any substance your body needs; if it is working properly.

Chiropractors do not treat disease; they help the body to heal itself by removing the cause of the problem-the vertebral subluxation. Chiropractors help the body to work properly and how can a body that is working properly get sick?

The 24 vertebrae in the spine are like twenty four switches. The one at the top, called the Atlas, is perhaps the most important and can be likened to the green mains switch on the DV board in your kitchen. When the Atlas is misaligned, your whole body will suffer. Ironically, this is the first vertebra to enter the world at birth and is often misaligned during the birth procedure thus programming the individual for poor health for the rest of his/her life.

In the 38 years that I have been in practice I have seen all sorts of conditions one would not normally associate with the correction of spinal misalignments respond. Conditions such as ADD in children respond remarkably well. Please see what happened to the children of the Donnelly family on my website, how their moods improved, how they were better able to concentrate and how their skin problems improved. Anger management in adults, sinus, asthma, migraine, snoring. tiredness, loss of libido and infertility are just some of the conditions with which I have had much success. Please go to my website and watch some of the videos and yes chiropractic is safe for children. In fact they respond quicker and better than do adults. I must mention at this juncture that I give all of the credit to healing to my maker. I see myself merely as a tool in His magnificent hands. I am the means by which the God force in you can be made to shine a little brighter.

In closing, I hope that this explanation has opened your eyes and your minds to the wonders of this work and that you will tell someone you love about chiropractic.

Wishing you improved health,

Dr. Roger V. Powell DC (USA)

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