Our bodies function similarly to our cars in many ways. One of these is the fact that both have an optimal running temperature. In our cars, we have thermostats.

One of the most forgotten functions of blood is that like the water in the engine block, it controls body temperature. The optimal running temperature for the body is 37 degrees Celsius or 98, 4 Fahrenheit. The brain especially, needs to be kept at the correct temperature; if it isn’t, encephalitis can conceivably result not to mention migraine and sinus problems.

When the human neck loses the normal lordosis (curve which is convex to the anterior) often caused by a whiplash MVA interfering with the C/5-C/6 area, the vertebral arteries, which thread their way through the first six neck vertebrae can become crimped and restrict blood flow to the head. This will reduce the spectrum of tolerance considerably and create a problem with temperature control. The body then reacts by producing mucus for insulation. On a hot day, the person with the misaligned neck will need mucus to keep the heat out; on a cold day to keep the heat in. On a hot day, when this person dives into a cold swimming pool, they will experience post nasal drip; like taking off a jersey. On a cold day, a hot shower will produce the same effect. Why not simply get that neck adjusted by a competent chiropractor and begin the journey to better health. Please see my youtube channel; seeing might be believing.

October 17, 2016

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Our bodies function similarly to our cars in many ways. One of these is the fact that both have an optimal running temperature. In our cars, […]
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January 27, 2016

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